Marriage Enrichment Package

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The Marriage Enrichment Package is perfect for couples who not only want the very best on their wedding day, but also want their marriage to reach its highest potential. This package includes everything in the Custom Ceremony Package, plus 8-weeks of relationship strengthening exercises designed to give your marriage the very best start!

Marriage Enrichment Program

Your wedding lasts a day, your marriage lasts a lifetime. Why not invest a little time and effort to ensure that your relationship becomes the best that it can be? During the process of planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of the wedding day and lose sight of the real purpose: to achieve a happy and lasting marriage. The Marriage Enrichment Program was designed by Philip Lingle, Founder & Director of Asheville Marriages, to give couples an alternative to pre-marital counseling, which accomplishes the same goals without in-person sessions.

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We will guide you step-by-step through this program to help your marriage get off to its very best start and reach its highest potential. The program is completed on-line over an eight-week period.


Just like having a personal trainer in the gym, your Officiant will set goals for you and make sure you stay on track so you get the best results possible. Studies have shown that couples who attempt relationship building programs on their own typically do not follow through (just like when you got that gym membership you didn’t use!).

Top-Rated Relationship Book

You will also receive a best-selling relationship book to keep your marriage full of joy and growth. Our top-pick and the result of years of observation and study, this book is the definitive guide from the country’s foremost relationship expert.

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“. . . We participated in the marriage enrichment program that is offered and it was absolutely worth the investment. It kept my fiancé and I focused on the fact that we were getting married and strengthening our relationship as opposed to just planning a wedding. It’s difficult to keep your eye on the prize and not get carried away in all the frivolous things when planning a wedding when what’s truly important is that you’re going to be married when it’s all over. Philip’s prompt responsiveness was the best out of any vendor we worked with. . .”

Our Client’s Words

“. . . We completed the marriage enrichment program before the wedding. This was a wonderful program because it made us think and have conversations we might not have had on our own. It helped to strengthen our bond and understand each other more. Philip was so patient and worked with us during this as we have extremely busy schedules and sometimes could not meet the due date. We really appreciated that!! Throughout the whole process, Philip tried to understand our beliefs and get to know us as individuals and as a couple. He put together the perfect ceremony for us! Our wedding guests raved about how beautiful it was and that is was one of the most beautiful ceremonies they have ever seen.”

“. . . My husband & I did the Marriage Enrichment Program Phillip offers, which was so enlightening & helpful to us as a couple who are about to become one. We learned so much about each other & it really brought us closer together. Phillip stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process, touching base every now & then just to let me know where we were at with the process. When I read our vows for the first time, I teared up immediately. They were so perfect, and with very little tweaking our wedding ceremony was complete!”

Also Includes the Following

Ceremony Customization

We first send you a thorough questionnaire in order to gain insight into who you are as a couple and how to reflect that in your ceremony. We then create a rough draft of your personalized ceremony with options and suggestions for you to consider. After you and your fiancé review the draft, we create a revision based on your feedback. We continue to edit, revise, and fine-tune until you are 100% happy with the final ceremony script.

Officiating the Ceremony

You will be matched with one of our outstanding Officiants who will meet with you, either in-person or on the phone, prior to your ceremony to connect and discuss the details of the big day. On the day of your ceremony, your Officiant will arrive at the venue 30 minutes early to assist in last minute preparations, convey a calm and confident energy, and perform the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

Communication and Correspondence

During the time leading up to your wedding day, we will stay in touch by emailing you next-steps, updates, and other helpful information. You will be able to correspond with your Officiant at any time via email, and as your wedding date approaches, your Officiant will be in closer contact via text and phone to confirm all scheduling details.

Marriage License Filing

We will send you notifications and instructions so you know exactly when, where, and what to bring in order to get your Marriage License. You will both need to appear in person at the Register of Deeds office and pay them a $60 fee in order to acquire your license prior to the ceremony. After the ceremony, your Officiant will make sure that the witnesses sign and fill in their information correctly, and then the Officiant will be responsible for submitting the license back to the Register of Deeds for processing.

Travel Expenses

We will travel to any venue within Buncombe County for free. For venues outside of Buncombe County, see the Travel Fee Map.

Total Investment: $800

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Wedding Rehearsal?

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