Custom Ceremony Package

This is our most popular package, it’s perfect for couples who want a one-of-a-kind customized ceremony that reflects their unique connection and personalities.

We have hiked to remote mountain tops, and we even married a couple IN a waterfall! We were thrilled to marry a couple on Halloween in a haunted house, and we’re always happy to include dogs or kids in your ceremony. If you have a unique idea for your ceremony, just let us know. We can also provide plenty of suggestions.

Custom Ceremony Examples

Sand Unity

Blending sand is powerful and vivid way to symbolize the blending of your hearts and minds during your ceremony. It also gives you a fun keepsake of your special day that you can display prominently in your home. The picture to the right was taken from a wedding that involved three children, it’s a great way to include kids without giving them a speaking part. Other couples have taken sand from their parents’ homes or other important places in their lives to add depth to the meaning of the ritual.

Sand Ceremony

Beer Unity

If beer is more your thing, then we’ve got you covered! After we explain the symbolism of the qualities of each beer, you pour a dark beer and a light beer together into a common glass. This symbolizes your own unique characteristiscs, which compliment each other when blended together. However, you will leave a little in each bottle to show that you retain your individuality, even though you face the world united. Whether you each take a sip or enjoy the entire glass is completely up to you!

Beer Ceremony

Package Includes

Ceremony Customization

We first send you a thorough questionnaire in order to gain insight into who you are as a couple and how to reflect that in your ceremony. We then create a rough draft of your personalized ceremony with options and suggestions for you to consider. After you and your fiancé review the draft, we create a revision based on your feedback. We continue to edit, revise, and fine-tune until you are 100% happy with the final ceremony script.

Officiating the Ceremony

You will be matched with one of our outstanding Officiants who will meet with you, either in-person or on the phone, prior to your ceremony to connect and discuss the details of the big day. On the day of your ceremony, your Officiant will arrive at the venue 30 minutes early to assist in last minute preparations, convey a calm and confident energy, and perform the wedding ceremony of your dreams!

Communication and Correspondence

During the time leading up to your wedding day, we will stay in touch by emailing you next-steps, updates, and other helpful information. You will be able to correspond with your Officiant at any time via email, and as your wedding date approaches, your Officiant will be in closer contact via text and phone to confirm all scheduling details.

Marriage License Filing

We will send you notifications and instructions so you know exactly when, where, and what to bring in order to get your Marriage License. You will both need to appear in person at the Register of Deeds office and pay them a $60 fee in order to acquire your license prior to the ceremony. After the ceremony, your Officiant will make sure that the witnesses sign and fill in their information correctly, and then the Officiant will be responsible for submitting the license back to the Register of Deeds for processing.

Travel Expenses

We will travel to any venue within Buncombe County for free. For venues outside of Buncombe County, see the Travel Fee Map.

Total Investment: $500

Find out if our officiants are available for your wedding date!

Wedding Rehearsal?

Do you want your Wedding Officiant to attend or direct your rehearsal? Find out more about our Add-On Options.