Micro-Chapel Features & Upgrades

The main features of the West Asheville Micro-Chapel are detailed below, as well as items that are included for use. You’re welcome to bring your own decorations, flowers, accessories, bluetooth speaker, etc. with approval of the venue owner. Rental items are also available from East West Vintage Rentals, which is right down the street from the Micro-Chapel.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for available package upgrades.

30 sturdy wooden chairs which can be reconfigured

Tall candle holders and table ideal for floral arrangements

Beautiful stained glass windows behind the ceremony space

6 outside chairs and a lover’s seat among the gardens

Piano for ceremony music (pianist not included)

5′ x 8′ Oriental style rug which can be moved around

Wooden screen/partition

Glass bowl or baptismal font

Small table or podium

Lots of big windows

Vaulted ceiling with fan 

Heating and Air Conditioning

Available Upgrades to the Micro-Chapel Wedding Package

Beef up your package with any of the add-ons below. We are not able to accommodate wedding receptions, but there are plenty of wonderful restaurants very conveniently located. We’re happy to provide suggestions.

The prices below will be added to the regular package price of $1,675

More Venue Time: $100/hr.

If two hours of total time at the venue isn’t enough, just add some.

Custom Ceremony: $200

Our pre-written Signature Ceremony is included, but you can upgrade to the Custom Ceremony.

Wedding Rehearsal: $300

If you need a practice run of the ceremony, your officiant will direct a one-hour wedding rehearsal on the day before or day-of.

More Photography: $375

You already get an hour of photography and 10 of the best shots, but you can upgrade and get two hours of photography and 20 shots.