Meghan D.

Philip is a true gem! Nathan and I have been together for eight years, and initially discussed not needing/wanting “pre-marital counseling/classes,” but when we met Philip, that all changed! We participated in the marriage enrichment program, where we learned so much, including how to leverage our similarities and differences to build and grow a strong marriage. When beginning to talk about our vision for our ceremony, we are not an overly religious couple to begin with, but did want to include some of our favorite verses and scriptures throughout the ceremony. Philip customized the perfect balance of serious, yet lighthearted, and spiritual, yet informal script for our ceremony. It truly felt tailored to us. By the time our wedding day came around, we felt like we had known Philip for more than only a few months, and felt extremely comfortable in him uniting us as a married couple! We are so lucky that we were paired with Philip to bring our big day to life! Philip, you are very talented, so personable, and we are beyond thankful to have worked with you!