Holly Mathis

I was nervous at first about hiring an officiant to perform our ceremony, but after my initial phone conversation with Philip I knew we had to go with this company. Philip paired us with Keith Norton, who we later found out had known both my parents and grandparents for over 20 years! Keith helped us customize our ceremony, including our vows and did an incredible job. He even helped my husband with vows that he said to my son during the ceremony, which were so beautiful they brought everyone there to tears. He also did a fantastic job working with the whole wedding party during the rehearsal and helped keep us (and by us I mostly mean me 😅) from stressing out. My son came down with mono the day before the wedding and was also the best man, and Keith helped me stay calm and worked out other alternatives to include him if he was unable to stand up there for the entire ceremony. Truly an amazing guy and an amazing experience with Asheville Marriages. You guys are awesome!