Abby R.

We had the wonderful opportunity to choose Asheville Marriages for our wedding. They were immediately warm and open to listening to learn who we were and what would help us make our perfect day. Our officiant, Michael Deserio was a perfect match for us! We had many different faiths and beliefs at our wedding and Michael was able to help us craft a perfect ceremony that resonated with both us and all our guests in a meaningful way.

We decided to go ahead and purchase the marriage enrichment package from Asheville Marriages. Both of us come from different upbringings, faiths, and lifestyles and it was really helpful to have a lot of the discussions included in the program, some of which we had never even thought to consider, but turned out to be important talking points about how we would share our life together. We were also able to solidify the parts of our relationship that anchor us and help us remember the most important parts of who we want to be as individuals and as a couple.

The program also gave us resources we can reference and look back on for years to come to remind us of the original reasons we wanted to be married and the dreams we want to share together going forward.

Taking part in the program was also a great chance to get to know Michael. He has a great energy; he’s just such a warm, friendly, and open person and by the time we met the day-of, it felt like seeing a familiar face who we were so excited to share such an important moment with.

From early on we knew we wanted to write our own vows as well and say them to each other for the first time at the wedding. Michael was a great sounding board for us both to help get our vows the way we wanted and provided useful ideas and references for us to use in writing our own vows.

When it came to writing the ceremony, Michael had great suggestions and let us read over his beautifully written ceremony. During the process, he was so accommodating and entirely open to any suggestions we had. We could clearly tell that his main goal was to help create the ceremony we wanted.

During our ceremony Michael brought all his amazing energy and professionalism and captured exactly the feel we were hoping for. Even when one of our dogs started rolling in the grass by his feet or the cows at the farm mooed during the ceremony he handled it all like the pro he is!

We can’t thank Asheville marriages enough for treating our wedding day as something as special to them as it was to us!