Fun Ceremony Options

Here’s a small sample of the many different special elements that we can add to your ceremony to make it personal and meaningful. These options are available for the Custom Package and the Total Package.

Sand Unity

Blending sand is powerful and vivid way to symbolize the blending of your hearts and minds during your ceremony. It also gives you a fun keepsake of your special day that you can display prominently in your home. The picture to the right was taken from a wedding that involved three children, it’s a great way to include kids without giving them a speaking part. Other couples have taken sand from their parents’ homes or other important places in their lives to add depth to the meaning of the ritual.

Sand Ceremony

Beer Unity

If beer is more your thing, then we’ve got you covered! After we explain the symbolism of the qualities of each beer, you pour a dark beer and a light beer together into a common glass. This symbolizes your own unique characteristiscs, which compliment each other when blended together. However, you will leave a little in each bottle to show that you retain your individuality, even though you face the world united. Whether you each take a sip or enjoy the entire glass is completely up to you!

Beer Ceremony


In Europe, until the mid 1700’s, few unions were sanctified in a church or synagogue. Rather, they were celebrated by a simple handfasting ceremony in which the two partners had their hands tied together over the village anvil, in the fields, or in the groves of trees. We can recreate this ritual for you, and we have several different options for doing so. If this is a tradition that is part of your heritage, it’s a great way to show respect to your family and your lineage.